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         About Us

    Standard Mill Machinery Corp. is continuing the one hundred   
     year tradition of its predecessor, Standard Mill Supply Co., of
     producing, customizing, and refurbishing winding machines
     for textile and wire businesses.

     David W. Austin purchased this unique business from former
     co-owner Arthur H. Lavoie in October of 2004, now located in
     West Warwick, Rhode Island.

     As company president, David brings years of textile machinery
     experience, coupled with extensive customer service understanding
     in his previous position as vice-president of Standard Mill.

     Standard Mill Machinery Corp. continues to focus on
     customizing and rebuilding Leesona winders.  The winders can
     be purchased as a single or multiple spindle configuration.  This
     will allow you, the customer, to wind cotton, wool, wire, ribbon,
     foil, film, fiberglass, Kevlar, graphite aero-space composites,
     and materials for the medical field.

     Originally called "Universal Winders," the Leesona 50's were
     designed to wind an incredible variety of packages - all kinds
     of tubes, cones spools, and coreless tubes - as well as various
     types of materials.

     Because they are relatively simple, converting Leesona 50's for
     different packages and materials is quick and easy, a matter of
     fifteen or twenty minutes, compared to one to two days for
     automated, high production winders.

     The 50's are also in demand for winding when low up-front
     costs are a priority.
Standard Mill company president
and owner, David W. Austin

Telephone:  (401) 822-7871
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