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     If your machine has been left idle, it may still be usable, or saleable.

     Standard Mill not only refits, upgrades and rebuilds Leesona winders,
     but supplies their spare parts and service manuals.  "Send us the material
     you want to duplicate, and we'll tell you if we have a winder that can do
     the job.  We will even wind a sample for you."

     When you are ready to have your Leesona winders rebuilt, you will face
     an assortment of conversion decisions.  Frequent conversions include:
     taper-end tubing, king spooling, pineapple coning, metering, Arnold
     tubing and emulsion adaptation.

     Less common upgrades include: variable speed controls, spooling and
     graphite adaptation.  Costs vary, depending on the number of spindles,
     type of conversion and other factors.

     Standard Mill is the leader in rebuilding #50's.  It makes little sense to cut
     corners when you rebuild a Leesona #50.  Break it down to the bare
     heads, clean it, inspect it, repaint it and rebuild it, incorporating any
     conversions and adaptations.  At that point, judging by history, your
     winder should be fresh, fit and ready to run for many decades.
   List of Services

     Wind sample packages for
          customers' inspection

     Rebuilding of various model  
         Leesona winders (specify)

     Parts - New and Used

     Specialty Winders

     Service Manuals

     Machine Setup Services


     DC/ AC  Drives

     Metering Devices

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